Vito's Italian Eatery isn't just the same Vito's you've known. Today you'll find a Vito's of passion, experience and joy.

We are incorporating new ideas, new menu items, and a new look and feel for the restaurant while maintaining the reason Pantego has always enjoyed Vito's - great food.

Stay tuned as we give this local favorite new life!



Vito's is family owned and veteran led so quality is important to us. Our kitchen scratch makes our meals and sauces and uses only fresh ingredients. You know you're getting a quality meal when you dine with us. Every pizza crust you bite in to was made from scratch in our kitchen with our signature recipe. The sauce on your favorite pasta was made from real ingredients (that you can actually pronounce) and never with preservatives.


We love our food and we think you will, too. That's why we give you more of it to enjoy. Let's compare sizes: our large pizza is a whopping 18"! That's enough to feed six adults! Our small pizza is 12", enough to feed 4 adults. When you visit national chains, their "large" pizza is only 14"! 


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